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PC hardware Raspberry Pi Audio-Software OS/2 Electronics

Section: Hardware (German only!)

Monitor test
updated Feb. 21st, 2005
Check and improve the image quality of your CRT monitor.
Chroma, Brightness & Contrast Sharpness & Resolution
PC Sound devices
Jan. 12th, 2005
Common properties and flaws of consumer class sound devices.
Efficiency of power supply
updated Apr. 30th, 2013
All about the efficiency of PC power supply units including calculations and measurements.

Section: Raspberry Pi

updated Apr 12th, 2017
Macro assembler for Broadcom Videocore IV = GPU of the Raspberry Pi.
Is the Raspi too slow? This might be the solution: the GPU has some GFlops computing power.
new Feb 3rd, 2015
Improved vcio kernel driver to perform GPU computing without root privileges.
Analog output of Raspberry Pi
May 6th, 2014
Measurements of the quality of the analog sound output of Raspberry Pi and a way to improve it.

Section: Audio-Tools

MPEG audio utility
updated Jan. 19th, 2005
View information about MPEG audio files and/or adjust volume. (Console application)
Supported formats: MPEG 1.0, MPEG 2.0 and MPEG 2.5 layer 1-3. Furthermore the volume of the files can be modified lossless without recoding and leading and trailing silence and other junk like RIFF headers may be stripped.
ID3 tag utility
Sophisticated synchronization of ID3 V1.x tags or Ogg-Vorbis comments respectively with the file name and path in both directions.
Automatic sorting into sub folders by programmable template. Reconstruction of missing meta information from the file name.
Audio index utility
Create an index of audio files on removable media or in a sub folder. Supported formats: MPEG audio and Ogg-Vorbis.
Informations about WAV files, loudness adjustment and subsonic filter (DC offset).
Miscellaneous Tools:
 - strip leading and trailing silence
 - split continuous recordings (e.g. live CDs) at MPEG frame boundaries to avoid gaps.
mp3gain ANSI-C port with extensions
updated May 31rd, 2015
OS/2 port of mp3gain, which does automatic loudness adjustments of MPEG audio files using the superior psychoacoustic model of ReplayGain. Also processes RIFF Wave and Ogg-Vorbis files.
new Jan. 2nd, 2006
Command line utility to split large MPEG audio files into pieces.
REXX scripts for lame & ogg*
Collection of REXX scripts to convert between WAV, MP3 and OGG files. The scripts preserve meta information like title etc. as far as possible.

Section: OS/2

PM123 1.41
updated Feb. 5th, 2016
New PM123 release with plenty much of new features.
KompoZer 0.8b4 (11MB)
new Mar. 31st, 2010
Newer build from KompoZer than available at the download sites. It is build from Subversion trunk revision 225 with gcc 3.3.5. Not tested very well but definitly less buggy than release 0.83.
new Jan. 24th, 2009
Slow down the spindle speed of your CD-ROM drive to avoid that the drive passes the data with ridiculous speed.
CDDB for the OS/2 CD player
updated Jan. 7th, 2006
This application extends the built-in OS/2 CD player with a CDDB interface including submissions
CDDBD for OS/2
Jun. 2nd, 2001
Quick & dirty port of cddbd, based on the freedb server. Only intended for testing purposes.
Folder synchronization
updated Aug. 2th, 2014
The 101st. tool to synchronize folder contents.
Special features: ftp & ftps, incremental remote synchronization without a direct connection, using a removable media.
MMPMMMIO utility
Mar. 3rd, 2002
Installation and deinstallation utility for MMPM/2 codecs and I/O procedures.
PMShell class list utility
Dec. 12th, 2002
Utility to read and modify the PM shell class tree. Can remove dead classes where WinDeregisterObjectClass fails.
updated Jan. 1st, 2017
Utility to rename pictures of digital cameras and to store the EXIF information in EAs. Similar to Renamepics.
new Jan. 16th, 2006
High performance FIFO buffer with network stream support. (Linux, too)
REXX utilities
Jan. 6th, 2006
Add ons and code fragments for OS/2 REXX.
new May. 14th, 2010
Software to do high quality low frequency impedance or transfer function measurements with PC sound devices. (e.g. ESR of electrolytics or speaker response)

Section: Electronics

S-video to composite video
Feb 15th, 2008
High quality active S-video to composite video converter for PAL. (German only!)
Electret microphome amplifier
new Nov. 26th, 2013
Highly linear and low noise electret microphone amplifier intended for measurement purposes.