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MMOS/2 IO procedure and Codec maintenance utility

Release: 0.1 (experimental)

This utility allows you to view and modify the MMPMMMIO.INI entries. I wrote it, because I had some trouble with redundant IOProcs for the same file types.

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mmpmtool > file
Read all entries out of MMPMMMIO.INI and write the result into file.
mmpmtool file
Modify the IOProc and Codec list in MMPMMMIO.INI acoording to the rules in file.
The file format is the same as on output with one exception: Only records preceeded with install or remove are processed. See section file format for details.
Any changes to MMPMMMIO.INI are applied once the PMShell (in fact MMOS/2) (re-)initializes.

File format

The format of the Mmpmtool file is ASCII with the following rules:


This program is freeware.

ZIP file with source, OS/2 executable and this guide:

Release 0.1


Suggestions, help, complaints (but not too much:-): Mail address: mueller (at) maazl (dot) de

Original homepage: http://www.maazl.de/project/misc/mmpmtool.html