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PMShell class list maintenance utility

Release: 0.1 (beta)


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Display all entries from PM_Objects:ClassList to stdout.
classtool > file
Read all entries from PM_Objects:ClassList and write the result into file.
classtool file
Replace the current active class list by the list stored in file. You will be asked before the action is taken.
Removing a dead class entry: Note: Do not use e.exe for editing of the class list file because it stores an additional character ^Z at the end of each file which confuses classtool.


This program is freeware.

ZIP file with source, OS/2 REXX executable and this guide:

Release 0.1

File format

The format of the Classtool file is ASCII with the following rules:


Suggestions, help, complaints (but not too much:-): Mail address: mueller-at-maazl-dot-de

Original homepage: http://www.maazl.de/project/misc/mmpmtool.html