PM123's Main Window

This is PM123's main window on startup. The window has several controls and lots of status information.
  1. From left to right: play/stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, open/close playlist, load a file, repeat mode, shuffle mode, next song, previous song and power off.
    The playlist button will open a detailed view of the currently loaded playlist, if any, or the default playlist otherwise.
  2. Volume can be controlled clicking and dragging the volume bar.
    If you have to turn the volume quite low to sound significantly more quietly try to enable the logarithmic volume option in the configuration dialog of OS2AUDIO.
  3. The slider can be dragged to navigate within the current song. You can do this while not playing also to adjust the starting position.
    In playlist mode you you may navigate within the whole playlist by pressing the Alt key. The exact behavior is adjusted in the properties dialog.
  4. While playing there are some status indicators. This is the current song.
    By double-clicking the title you may switch between the file name, the song title and the technical info.
  5. This is the playing position within the current song.
    If the time exceeds 99 Minutes the display switches to hours:seconds. In this case the colon beween the numbers are always on and instead of blinking.
    When the time exceeds 99 Hours the display switches to days:hours. In this case the colon are always off.
  6. The bitrate of the current song (if available).
  7. Stereo indicator.
  8. Remaining time of the current song.
  9. In playlist mode this is the remaining time of all items (if available and finite).
  10. Absolute song number within the current playlist.
  11. The total number of songs in the current playlist. It also includes songs in nested playlists.
  12. Here shows the visualization plug-in its ability. Double-click here to switch between different views.

You can right click the player to open up the main menu.
Or you can use keyboard shortcuts.

The appearance of the player window can be changed significantly by using alternate skins.