PM123's General Behavior Settings


Start playing on file load
Automatically starts playing when you load a file or playlist.
Retain playing position
You may keep the current playing position when you exit PM123 while playing and/or when you press the stop button. The two options cause PM123 to continue playing at exactly the location where it stopped.
Note: If you click "Retain playing position on stop", the only way to start over from the beginning is to drag the slider to the start or to change the current song.
Discard shuffle sequence when shuffle is disabled
If you enable this option, the disabling shuffle mode and enabling shuffle mode again changes the shuffle sequence and in general also the remaining playlist time.


Turn around with Previous/Next Button
This options let the buttons for previous/next song to turn around at the end of the playlist.
Alternate slider function
Alternate navigation is available in playlist mode to navigate directly through the entire playlist. It is activated by pressing the Alt key while the main window has the focus. You can choose between three types of behavior:
Alternate slider button
You might change the meta button that activates alternate navigation. This is mainly intended for virtual machines or remote connections that do not pass the Alt key as expected.