Software to do 1-port or 2-port measurements

This is a set of programs and scripts to do impedance measurements and transfer function measurements (network analyzer) with PC sound devices.

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Software components

Function Name Type Remarks
Access to the sound device
- platform dependent, external tool required You need a platform dependent way to record and play 16 bit two channel audio data via a pipe or provide an appropriate character device.
On Linux there are usually matching character devices. OS/2 has the application Playrec 0.20b21 to record into and play from a pipe. Win*: don't know.
Generation of noise reference
noise C++ application
Wide band measurements
FFT analysis
analyze C++ application
Generation of sine wave reference
C++ application Sweep measurements (frequency scan)
Analysis of frequency scans
Show the result
Gnuplot 3.x macros In general you can use any graphics application to show the results. But only macros for Gnuplot are part of this package.
Control measure.cmd REXX skript, OS/2 only! The REXX scripts are non-portable.


The program is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Source code and scripts: repository snapshot

OS/2 binaries: bulid with gcc 3.3.5 (requires libc063.dll)

Build the package


For FFT the library FFTW, version 2.1.x is required. This must be available as shared or static library and the header files.


The Makefile is currently adjusted to OS/2 gcc version 3.3.5 and contains the path to rfftw. You have to change that on other platforms. In general adjusting the paths and the compiler options should be sufficient.


cd src

If everything is fine the executables are built in the bin sub folder. Feel free to contact me if you don't succeed.


Suggestions, help, complaints (but not too much:-): Email: mueller Klammeraffe maazl Punkt de