PM123's Playlist Behavior Settings


Auto 'use playlist' on add
Automatically loads a playlist if items are appended to it.
Keep currently loaded item when loading a playlist if possible
When this option is set PM123 tries to keep the current item if a new playlist contains the current item. This will keep an active playback to continue seamlessly.
Auto save modified playlists on exit
If there are playlists in memory that have not yet been saved and they are savable, then this is done silently on program exit. Note that the top level bookmarks and the default playlist are always saved.
Recurse into subdirectories at drag & drop by default
When you drop a folder to PM123 it will be added as a virtual playlist that also contains the sub folders as virtual playlists. You can change the behavior also by using Shift-Ctrl during drag and drop.
Sub folders first
When a file system folder is opened by PM123 the sub folders are placed before any file items. Otherwise sub folders will show up between the files according to their name.

Actions on load item

At item selection
Action to be taken when a song is double clicked in the playlist view or playlist manager.
At drag & drop to main window
Default action to be taken when a file or URL is dropped to the players main window.
At command line invocation
Action to be taken when another PM123 instance (with the same pipe name) is invoked with a file or URL as command line argument.
navigate to
If the selected item is part of the current playlist or one of the nested playlists, then the playback position is moved to the appropriate location. Otherwise the same action as 'load new' is taken.
load new
The current playback is immediately stopped (if any) and the selected item(s) are loaded into the player. This discards any playlist in the call stack, i.e. if you double-click an item in the current playlist the playlist is left and only the selected item is played.
When you drop items to PM123 or call PM123 with a filename in the command line (most likely by a association of the PMSHELL) you may append these items to the default playlist instead of immediately replacing the currently playing file with the new song. This may be used to enqueue songs.
Queue mode
In queue mode PM123 removes completely played items from the default playlist. Together with "Append to default playlist" this offers an option to use the default playlist as queue of items to play. This is similar to a printer queue.