PM123's Playlist Context menu

Clicking the second mouse button on the free space of a playlist, playlist manager or bookmark window opens the context menu of the entire list.

Load this playlist / Load all

Load the entire playlist into the player. This will stop any other playback if any.

Show detailed view

Opens the current topmost playlist in the playlist editor.

Show tree view

Opens the current playlist in the playlist manager view.

Show content info

Show a dialog with informations to the current playlist.


Appends one or multiple files, an URL from the Internet for streaming or CD tracks to the current playlist.


This sub menu has options to sort the playlist by size, playing time, filename or song name and so on.


Clear the whole list.
This does not immediately modify or delete the file on disk.


Reload the list from the disk file or refresh the folder content.
If the list in memory is modified you are prompted to commit the reload.

Open another...

Opens another playlist. This does not close the current window but creates a new window. However, you cannot open two windows of the same playlist and the same view (tree or detailed). In this case the existing window is only shown.
The view type of the new window is the same as the view type of the current window.


Saves the current playlist.
If the list is a folder you can only save under a different name. Saving to another file does not change the title of the current window. This is comparable to 'Save copy as...' of other applications.