PM123s supported URL types

PM123 generally uses URL syntax to identify any object that you can play or enumerate. With the standard plug-ins the following URL types are supported:

File URLs

file:///E:/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/01.mp3
file://server/share/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/01.mp3

E:/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/01.mp3
//server/share/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/01.mp3

On input PM123 accepts ordinary file names without the file:/// prefix too. This ensures compatibility with applications that are not aware of URLs in most cases.

http URLs

There is few to say about these kind of URLs. PM123 can read anything that is supported as file from an http server too.
Additionally ShoutCast and IceCast streaming is supported for MPEG and Ogg streams.

ftp URLs

PM123 can read anything that is supported as file from an ftp server too.

File system folder URLs (foldr123 plug-in)

The plug-in foldr123.dll can play the whole content of a file system folder without the need to create a playlist. This is done by creating a virtual playlist in memory with all items in the folder.

File system folders use a special URL syntax. The object name always ends with a trailing slash. Example:
file:///E:/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/

The URL may use parameters for options. They start with a '?' and are separated by '&' as HTTP parameters too. Example:

file:///E:/AUDIO/4CD/sascha müller/?recursive&pattern=*.mp3
Parameter Description Example
recursive This option includes all nested folders as virtual nested playlists. All parameters are inherited. .../?recursive
pattern=wildcard This restricts the files to that ones that match the wildcard name. .../?pattern=*.mp3
allfiles Include all files. By default only file types that might be supported by one of  the currently enabled decoders are included. .../?allfiles
hidden Include hidden and system files in search. .../?hidden
foldersfirst Place the subfolders first (recursive mode only). .../?foldersfirst

Compact disc URLs (cddaplay plug-in)

To identify tracks on a CD-ROM drive PM123 uses the following syntax:

cdda:///J:/Track 01
cd:///J:/Track 01


The latter one identifies an entire disc. This a playlist like object.

Further, plug-in specific URLs

Depending on the plug-ins installed almost any other URL type might be supported. For example the recording plug-in supports URLs starting with record://.