PM123's I/O Settings


Remote control

Pipe name
Specify the name of the named pipe that is used to control PM123 remotely. Only one instance of PM123 can listen at a certain pipe name. The pipe name must start with \PIPE\.
If you want to control different instances remotely at the same time, they must use different pipe names and therefore different configuration files. Otherwise the pipe interface of the second instance will be deactivated.

Streaming audio

HTTP proxy
Specify the name or numeric IP address of your HTTP proxy server here.
Specify the port of your HTTP proxy server.
User name
This is your HTTP authentication name.
This is your HTTP authentication password.
Buffer size
Specifies the read ahead buffer size (useful when playing across a network or from a streaming source). You can disable the buffer having chosen the zero size, but it will dramatically decrease player performance.
Fill x% of the buffer before playing
Fills the buffer (see above) before playing.