PM123's Decoder Plug-ins Configuration

Decoder List

Select a decoder from the list to view additional information and manipulate the plug-in.


Unloads the currently selected plug-in completely.
Add a plug-in DLL.
Up / Down
Move the selected plug-in up or down in the list. This has at the very most performance effects as long as you do not use different plug-ins that can handle the same files.
Enable / Disable
Enables/disables the selected plug-in.
Available only if the plug-in is configurable. Click this button to set plug-in's settings.
Double-click a plug-in from the list box aside has the same effect.

Note: neither unload nor disable the PLIST123.DLL plug-in. Otherwise PM123 gets dysfunctional.

Plug-in specific settings

Here you can adjust some plug-in specific settings. Remember that you won't change anything unless you press the save button.
Supported file types
Use the plug-in for this (additional) file types.
Try unsupported files too
Normally a decoder is not invoked for files that do not match either the list of supported file extensions provided by the decoder or one of the PM file types from the list at the left. Checking this options tries to invoke this decoder for other files too if no other decoder is able to handle the file. Anyway the decoder must support the file content and the transfer protocol.
Serialize access to decoder info
This option is available for plug-ins with the older interface. It is a work-around for broken plug-ins. You should enable it, if you encounter crashes when loading or viewing large playlists with many objects that are handled by the selected decoder.