Compatibility of PM123 1.4x with older plug-ins

Plug-in Comment
X - Crossfader plug-in (fade.dll) The plug-in loads as expected, but does not do it's job anymore. Most likely because it makes assumptions about undocumented properties of older PM123 versions.
The new plug-in interface features of PM123 1.40 should allow to write a more sophisticated solution using a filter plug-in. However, somebody has to do the job. But since PM123 1.40 supports gap-less playback out of the box, it is no longer that important.
X - Normalizer plug-in (normal.dll, normhelp.dll) Will not work because it utilizes the visual plug-in interface which has changed with PM123 1.32.
It also is superseded by the built-in Replay-Gain handling since 1.32rc1.
OK - Monkey's Audio decoder (macplay.dll) Reported to work with PM123 1.40 by Cal.
? - True Audio decoder (ttaplay.dll) May work, but neither I have a file nor I can create one with OS/2.
x - Module files decoder (DPMikMod.dll) Crashes with pm123 1.40 sooner or later when the playback starts, mostly on the 2nd usage. Reason unknown. Looks like undefined behavior because of a dangling reference to some structure on the stack. No source available.
OK - older Ogg Vorbis plug-in
Works as expected. But since PM123 1.32rc1 a Ogg-Vorbis plug-in is included anyway. Unfortunately it has the same name. But it is entirely different and superior.
? - Musepack decoder (mpcplay.dll) Untested. I have no such files.
? - WavPack decoder (wvplay.dll) Untested. I have no such files.
OK - FLAC play 1.2.1 (flacplay.dll) Works as expected. But superseded by flac123.dll, shipped with PM123 1.41.

Note: When loading older decoder plug-ins you might want to add some extended attributes file types to the plug-in in the properties dialog. This enables you to play files without the standard extensions.