PM123's Inspector Window

The Inspector Window tells you what is currently going on in the PM123 engine. Normally you should not need it. It is activated by pressing Alt+Shift+I in PM123's main window.

Inspector Window Screenshot

Controller Queue

The Controller Queue shows what commands are currently about to be executed. The Syntax is: FCommand [arguments].

F - flag
* - currently in work by a worker thread
- - to do later
+ - adjacent to the previous command, executed only if the previous command succeeded
Command [arguments]
control commands like PlayStop, Navigate (e.g. Seek), Load or LocationQuery (GUI updates of the current playing time)

The controller queue is always executed strictly in order.

Worker Queue

The worker queue is used to obtain certain information about any kind of playable objects. The syntax is: F[QQQQQQQQQQ -> WWWWWWWWWW] URL.

F - flag
+ - Low priority request: currently in work by a worker thread.
- - Low priority request: no worker is currently available. To do later.
# - High priority request: currently in work by a worker thread.
= - High priority request: no worker is currently available. To do later.
QQQQQQQQQQ - request flags
Kind of information that is requested: ptomacrdis
p - physical information like file size
t - technical information like bit rate and number of channels
o - object information like playing time
m - meta information like artist and title
a - attribute information like last playing position
c - children (playlist content)
r - recursive playlist information like total number of songs
d - detailed recursive playlist information like total playing time
i - playlist item information like start position and alias name
s - slice information (effective start and stop position)
Uppercase letters are high priority requests where a user is likely to be waiting for. E.g. when an item is loaded into the player.
WWWWWWWWWW - in work flags
The second block identifies the kind of information that is currently in work. It uses the same format PTOMACRDIS as the request flags. Sometimes the information in work is more than requested. E.g. it might be cheap to return format information if only the total playing time is requested.
This is the object for which the information is requested.


The Inspector dialog is not automatically refreshed when the information in the queues changes. Instead the refresh is done either manual or timer based. Be careful not to set the auto refresh rate too high to avoid a performance impact.