PM123's Display Configuration


User interface

Dock windows at x pixels
This will allow the windows to dock into the main player window so that when then main window is moved, the docked window follows. Specify the distance in pixels to allow for docking.
Save window position per object
When enabling this feature the positions of object dependent windows like playlists and song infos are stored independently for each playlist or song. Otherwise only the size is restored for this kind of objects.
Note that PM123 will automatically remove old entries when unused for more than a month.

Title display

Default display
Choose whether to show the filename, the Song title or some technical information (bit rate, frequency, mode) by default.
Scrolls title
Control how to scroll the song title in the main window if it does not fit in the given space.
Turn around scroller
Let the scrolling title continue from the beginning rather than scrolling forth and back.


Use skinned font for display
Allows to choose between skinned and non skinned font for display of title. Skinned fonts are pretty, but they may badly fail to display most international characters.
Choose font
If you unchecked the above check box you may choose an arbitrary font for the title display from the fonts currently installed on your system.